Volleyball Rules

6 vs 6 Co-ed Volleyball Rules


I.  Players on the court 

  A.  The "standard" format is four (4) males and two (2) females on the court at all times

  B.  Teams can proceed to play with a minimum of one female player

   1.  Teams can never play more than four (4) males at any time

   2.  Teams cannot "bench" a female player if they have two eligible players


II.  Player Rotations

  A.  Players must rotate clockwise in between receiving the ball to serve

  B.  Players can move freely on the court once the ball has been served


III.  Games

  A.  Games are broken down into three (3) matches

   1.  Winning team is the first to 18 points

a.  Teams must win by 2 (2) points

b.  Straight to 23

2.  Rally Scoring- a point is awarded on every serve


B.  Opening Serve

1.  Home team serves the ball first in the 1st and 3rd matches

2.  Visiting team serves the ball in the 2nd match


IV.  Serving

A.  No jump serves

1.  A player can throw the ball in the air and make contact over their head, but at least one of their shoes must stay in contact with the floor when the ball is hit.

2.  Players violating the jump serving rule will be given one warning from the official.

a.  After first warning the serving team will lose a point on any serves in violation.

b.  Service will then go to the other team


B.  Balls that hit the net on a serve

1.  If a ball is served and makes contact with the net before landing in bounds on the other side of the court, the server will get a 2nd chance to serve the ball.

a,  If this happens on the 2nd attempt, the serving team will lose the point and the serve.

2.  If the ball is served and makes contact with the net, but lands out of bounds or on the serving teams side of the floor, the point and ball for the next serve will be awarded to the other team.


C.  Returning the serve

1.  A player cannot "block the serve", meaning that they cannot jump above the net and deflect the ball down or parallel to the court.

2.  A legal return of the serve must send the ball in a positive angle by bumping or setting the ball.


V.  Game Play

A.  Number of hits before return

1.  A team can return the ball over the net with one, two, or three hits

2.  Blocks at the net do not count as "hits"

3.  Feet, legs, or a head cannot be used en lieu of arms and hands

4.  If ball makes contact with a shoe, while foot is on the ground, that counts as a "hit"

B.  Gender

1.  The ball can be returned over the net by any player on the first hit

2.  Any time the ball is hit more than one time before sending it over the net, one of the players involved striking the ball must be female

a.  The order in which a male and female hits the ball is insignificant

b.  Two guys cannot consecutively hit the ball over the net without a female hitting it during the possession.

C.  Players in the net

1.  Any player deemed to have made contact with the net during the play will be called for a violation, lose the point, and serve.

2.  Players in repeat net violation

a.  Warning first

b.  Told by the official to sit out for five (5) points

c.  Removed from the league


VI.  No Arguing

A.  This is a social league

1.  GOAL officials and employees of our location have the final say

2.  Those that do not abide will be asked to leave

B. Keep it friendly between teams

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