New Rules

New Rules Starting for Fall 2013 Season:


Section 20- Linesman responsibilities


I.  Linesman Duties:

A.  Each team will be responsible to provide on “linesman” for either the game before or following their scheduled game

B.  The “linesman” schedule is posted in conjunction with the weekly scheduled, as there will be a line that reads “officiated by” underneath the games.

1.  Team Captains will have their names assigned in the “officiated by” section of the schedule

2.  Team Captains are not required to serve as a “linesman”, however it is their responsibility to fulfill their team’s duties.



II.  Failure to Provide a “Linesman” when scheduled:

A.  Teams that fail to have a “linesman” present by the start of the game they are scheduled for, will result in a -10 point penalty for their team’s next scheduled game

B.  If a team fails to have a “linesman” present for two games in the same season, that team will be forced to forfeit their next scheduled game.

C.  Teams that fail to have a “lineman” present for three games will be removed from the league.



Section 21- Double Possession


I.  A team that is down by three scores or more (18 or more points) may elect to use the “onside kick” option to regain possession of the ball and remain on offense.

A.  The “onside kick” option is only eligible after a team scores a touchdown and remains down by 18 or more points after the conclusion of their extra point attempt.

            B.  The “onside kick” option may only be used once per game.

C.  Teams that use the “onside kick” option will start their next possession on the two-point conversion marker.

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