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The playoffs are finally here!

As the regular season has ended and the playoffs are on the horizon lets look back at this season and for the first time ever announce the MVP Award Finalist and name our 1st Team All GOAL-Spring '15 Season Team.

MVP Award Finalists:

1.  Nick Frampton, Multiple Scoregasms- With a league leading 13 TD receptions, along with three INT's (2nd overall), Nick was a complete playmaker this season and one of the main reasons why Multiple Scoregasms comes into the playoffs as a team nobody wants to play. 

2.  KT Murphy, We're Here for the Beer- KT had a great season, ranking as a league leader in overall receptions and TD's regardless of gender.  She proved to be one of the most reliable receivers this season and her stats back it up.

3.  Jimmy Zaicko, Big Red- Leading his team to the best overall record (7-1), Jimmys was spectacular in unspectacular fashion.  His stats might not show how good of a season he really had, but clearly he's the man that keeps Big Red winning games.

4.  Brian Vecchioni, Spread em Wide- This team has multiple players worthy of being included on this list, including Stephanie Vecchioni and Rob ibex, Brian's favorite two receivers.  However Brian posted league leading numbers in both completions and TD's this season, easily making him a MVP Award Finalist.

5,  Matt Rankin, One for the Money- "The Professor" was just as sharp and reliable as he ever has been, throwing an insane 31 TD's in only a handful of games.  Rankin leads the league's highest powered offense, which definitely helped them earn the #1 seed in the playoffs.


1st Team All GOAL Spring '15

QB: Matt Rankin, One for the Money

WR: Rob Ibex, Spread em Wide

WR: Ben Crowley, Here for the Beer

WR: Nick Frampton, Multiple Scoregasms

WR (female): Stephanie Vecchioni, Spread em Wide

WR (female): KT Murphy, Here for the Beer

WR (female): Chelsea Rohleder, One for the Money

Defensive Specialist: Chris Brown, Beer Pressure


Now onto the playoff team and after a two week delay, the big show down between the playoff teams is ready to commence.  Tomorrow we crown a champion.  Who will it be?  Lets take a look at the six teams that qualified for the playoffs and rank them based on our (made up and fictional) odds.

One for the Money (+250)- The #1 seed in the playoffs has a significant advantage this week and that's their first round bye.  Only being one game away from the championship and with re-seeding in the semi finals, the One for the Money crew has the "easiest" path to the championship…or at least they do on paper.  This team is a matchup nightmare for most other teams when it comes to stopping their ladies.  QB Matt Rankin has plenty of options on those gender plays with Katie, Chelsea, Amanda, and Julie.  This high powered offense is also backed by a playmaking defense, with Jon, Ray, and Chris ready to snatch any ball that's up for grabs.  We think they're still a little bitter from the winter league and will come out blazing.

Big Red (+400)- It's interesting to think back a couple of seasons to our spring '13 season, which was the first season for much of this team's core.  At that time winning or even being competitive was an uphill battle, but as the seasons continued and this team stuck together, winning has become expected.  With one championship under their belt already and several semi final appearances along the way, Big Red has been one of GOAL's best teams season after season.  Will this be the season they can throw deuces?  

Beer Pressure (+800)- Beer Pressure is a total enigma.  On one hand they could be champions, but just as easily they could get bounced in the first round.  If they get their full roster to show, they're a serious threat to win the 'ship, but one or two players missing and they're in deep water.  QB Doug Strickland often carries that burden and thus is forced into trying to make up for his missing weapons on big plays.  Speaking of big plays, no other QB in the league is more dangerous in the open field than Strickland, where he's been known to "break ankles".

Multiple Scoregasms (+1100)- Here's another team that's only held back by their own roster, because if MS gets their full complement of players, they're as tough to beat as any team in the league.  Nick Frampton was incredible this year, scoring TD's at will.  QB Mike Mavais provides a calmness in the pocket and stabilizing factor on his team, but also isn't afraid to let it rip when given the chance.  This team also has some sure handed ladies with Melinda and Jamie, both of whom make the tough catches look easy.

We're Here for the Beer (+1500)- If we coached this team it would hard for us not to try and force gender plays all game long.  Who can stop KT, April, and Stephanie?  Nobody can, according to the stats as this trio by far had the best combined season of any female receiving corp this season.  Obviously We're Here has other playmakers (guys) to throw the ball to as well, with two leading receivers from the regular season in Ben and Matt.  We've always believed in this team and have just been waiting for them to make their championship game debut.  Will it be this season?

Spread em Wide (+1800)- This team is as gritty as they come, but unfortunately the schedule screwed them.  Leading receiver Rob Ibex will be missing in action tomorrow and that means new players will have to step up to fill the void of a player that caught nearly 10 passes per game.  Who will QB Brian Vecchioni have to lean on now?  That's yet to be determined, but guys like Chris, Ray, and Billy are all going to have to bring their "A game" early in the morning.  We'd be remiss if we didn't mention the dynamic season of Stephanie Vecchioni, who was an elite receiver this season and placed amongst the top in our receiving statistics. 

*Remember there is no gambling allowed on GOAL games, as sports gambling is illegal in the state of Maryland.  These "odds" are simply for fun and provides us with a creative way to have fun before the playoffs..

**Join us this Saturday after the games at the Chug-a-Mug for beer bucket specials, including five domestic bottles for only $10.  This special is only good for GOAL players wearing their jerseys.



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